StyxQuest Devlog #4

14/11/22 - StyxQuest v1.3 - Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year, everyone! I was originally planning to post an update before the end of 2022, but I was halfway through something and thought it would be best to wait until everything was presentable.
So, as mentioned in the footnotes of the previous update, one of the next steps I wanted to take was to fix the combat. The Sin status effects had little reason to be used outside of stat changes that the player could do without. How can this be fixed? By giving the player a reason to use them. All enemies now have resistances and weaknesses to different Sins! And there's an easy way to check.

Styx now comes equipped with a Scan ability! The animation for it needs fixing and setting up the script was a challenge in itself, but now we have a reason for the player to use Sins. And of course Styx will have their own resistances and weaknesses when using Sins. It will need to be properly tested, though.

Since the creation of StyxQuest, every text box has been solid black with a bold white border. In order to keep with the sketchy style that StyxQuest is known for, a much-needed update needed to be made.

This will likely need fixing further down the line, but for now I'm quite happy how it turned out. It has personality! And speaking of personality, certain enemy designs and talksprites needed updating as well.

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Aside from any NPCs that may be added later on, no more updated designs are required.

To finish off this update, the tunnel area from the last update has been mapped. And that is all the progress that I made since last time.
On a more personal note, the next update may take a while. Not only have I entered a contest to develop a fan-game within 3 months, but I'm also starting to hunt for jobs within the animation industry. You have to find a way to build up your skillset, after all.

List of things to work on:

  • Double-check Sanguine Shores South and North mapping
  • Add more enemies to Sanguine Shores maps
  • Test combat
  • Start work on a new map (low priority)