StyxQuest Devlog #1

14/11/22 - StyxQuest v1.3 - Starting Off

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For the last planned update for StyxQuest, I intend to address one of the biggest issues: style. Initially the colour palette was strictly black and white, but certain areas demanded grey for lighting. And on top of that, the style was inconsistent between certain maps.
So! With the style established in areas introduced to StyxQuest version 1.2, I now have a style to work off of. Here's what I've made so far:

Halphas' House (Right-click to view full size)
Left - Alpha design with basic tiles. Middle - Version 1.0 - 1.2 design with B tiles and black/white colour scheme.
Right - Version 1.3 design with updated colour scheme and style (as well as a LOT of seed piles as the bird-based demon loves seeds as much as the next).

Southern Sanguine Shores (Right-click to view full size)
Top - Southern Sanguine Shores from version 1.0 - 1.2. The north and south were initially one map but a split was made so that the world can feel less claustrophobic.
Bottom - Southern Sanguine Shores for version 1.3. It is double the size of the old overworld's map.

For larger maps such as the two halves of the Sanguine Shores, it would be worth looking into parallax mapping. I tested it with a map from a game that is currently on hiatus and it works. It's hard to say how many maps will need this but only time will tell.
Why parallax mapping? Because currently I make all maps like this.

List of things to work on this week (14-20th November):

  • Test out parallax mapping for Sanguine Shores - South
  • Pathing for Sanguine Shores - South
  • Start redrawing old battlesprites/talksprites (low-priority)