StyxQuest Devlog #2

14/11/22 - StyxQuest v1.3 - Polishing Characters

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The map for Sanguine Shores South is more or less sound. I used parallax mapping in order to add water, and also because using my usual method for map tilesets would have been too ridiculous and too much of a headache to follow through with. More enemies need to be added to the overworld. Speaking of enemies, I looked back at the designs for those that have been present since StyxQuest 1.0 and decided to get them over and done with as early as possible.

Enemy redesigns
Left - Original designs for StyxQuest enemies. Talksprites for the common enemies weren't added because up until now they've been enlarged and cropped versions of battler sprites.
Right - New designs for enemies. Certain issues such as awkward poses have been addressed.

List of things to work on this week (28th November -4th December):

  • Double-check Sanguine Shores South mapping
  • Start work on a new map

As I am in the process of building up my animation showreel, progress on 1.3 is expected to slow down. All there is to say for a release date is that it'll be before this time next year.